Took place on 2nd October 2023

One-Day Online Conference Videos

Our highly anticipated one-day online conference was a hub of knowledge, insights, and inspiration. This event brings together experts, educators, parents, and individuals with dysgraphia to share experiences, strategies, and advancements in the field. Whether you’re seeking practical teaching methods, personal stories, or the latest research, the conference has something for everyone.

Key Conference Highlights:

  • Engaging sessions and workshops
  • 7 Inspirational Speakers
  • Q&A sessions with experts


Dr Helen Ross

Dysgraphia: What is it? And how do we find out?

Klara Backes

Solving handwriting problems, an exciting target

Sue Smits

Implementing Simple Strategies for Handwriting

Cheri Dotterer

IMPACT2LEAD in a cognitive-rich classroom

Bridgette Nicholson

The Power of Rhythm for Sensory Regulation and Handwriting

Jacqui Strubel

How Dysgraphia can affect maths ability in the classroom

Amanda McCloud

The Importance of Handwriting, Keyboarding and SEND